SecureWebPoint is a ‘passion project’ for me. It started with a couple helpful articles and has grown into The Ultimate Guide To Online Privacy. We are here to help people do the things they want (and need!) to do on the internet without getting scammed or getting hacked. But without having to be a professional cybersecurity expert or get bogged down in too many technical details or inconvenient tools.

Why is online privacy a big deal?

Everyone is pretty much obligated to do everything online these days – from banking to personal networking, it is critical to protect your identity and your data. Cellphones are another common way that people leak their information, location, habits, and personal details. Dating? Yep, that’s online too.

The good news is that once Philip helped his mother protect her home network, her bank accounts, and her email, he realized that other people might be interested in the same highly effective, cheap (or free), and relatively easy techniques to protect themselves and their families.

Hence, the Ultimate Guide To Online Safety was born and you’re welcome to download your own today. At the same time, you can sign up for weekly privacy updates. No, we won’t sell your information or spam you and you can unsubscribe any time.

Online Privacy Is Your Right

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